Distributor Area
Franchisee Requirements:
Years of experience in construction, building material or related decoration industry, rich management experience.
Good credit, strong communication and business development capacity.
Mature sales network and team.
Willing to deal in Baibi seamless wallcloth, with passion and driving force, and recognize Baibi brand.
Franchising Advantages:
Overall Industry Prospect: Baibi glue-free seamless wallcloth ushers the tide of wall surface decorative materials, caters for modern concept of “Preferring Ornament rather than Decoration”, and advocates green healthy household environment actively. Since 2006, Sincerus has developed more than 600 distributors including more than 200 exclusive shops. The market is mature increasingly with broad prospect.
Industry Status of Baibi Wallcloth: Global First Glue-free Seamless Wallcloth, The Winner of National Patent of Invention
Unique Glue-free Seamless Wallcloth among Top 10 Wallcloth, Vice-president Member of Wallcloth Industry
Business Advantages: Relatively low prophase investment, sufficient supply, tailor-made size, zero inventory without need of storage space, and with no occupation of circulating funds; considerable post-phase income, strict implementation of regional protection policy, enjoying exclusive rights in management and agency within limits of authority.
Support Commitments:
I. Baibi Brand Image Support
Baibi Brand is registered by State Administration for Industry & Commerce, with Italian Registered Trademark, which can be widely used and protected by laws. Sincerus provides our franchisees with VI visual identification system of Baibi brand and image shop reference.
II. Regional Protection Support
In order to protect rights and interests of the franchisees, Baibi strictly follows the principle of regional protection. The franchisees enjoy exclusive rights in management and agency within limits of authority, which fundamentally guarantees stability of customer source, eradicates bad industrial competition, and creates a loose, competitive market space for franchisees.
III. Technical Support
Baibi has been keeping innovating, promoting and upgrading its production technology, and innovating pattern design, which provides strong follow-up support and new product guarantee.
IV. Product Support
The upgrading of Baibi can guarantee diversified designs and colors, novel patterns, superior quality and stable quality, which guarantees secure operation and exclusive success of our franchisees.
V. Training Support
The franchisees are staffed with full-time personnel in customer service, business guidance and construction guidance, in charge of teaching operational experience and providing overall service.
VI. Customer Service Support
The customer service conducts regional system, professionally and efficiently. Professional efficient ERP system assists the customer service staff in achieving “zero error and zero omission”.
VII. Market Operation Support
Provide overall support for franchisees: market investigation, shop evaluation, employee training, opening planning, operational guidance, new product development, advertising, network promotion, resources sharing, etc., which guarantee optimization of commercial profit of the franchisees.
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